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  • eslint-config-pixi 1 Issues. ESLint config for pixi.js plugin/integration libraries (pixijs/eslint-config-pixi) dicobot 1 Issues. Dictionary Bot for WhatsApp (yusadolat/dicobot) dynosign 1 Issues. Dynosign is the UI/UX tool, which can help you to create interfaces (fallenangel97/dynosign) moxxi 1 Issues. A OpenSource FPS Game with ThreeJS ...
JS社区毫不犹豫的抛出了它们对于新技术的预期与期待,本文内容也是总结自Twitter的回复,按照流行度降序排列。有一个尚未确定的小点是既然函数式编程已不再是少数派,是否要把它踢出红毯呢? WebAssembly

【あまたのスタッフブログ AMATA Matters(あまたま)】*English translation below3キロ太りました。でぶっちです。着々と体重が増えてます。

WebAssemblyを使ってブラウザ上でAIが動くようにしました。 ... 前回までの成果 ・Pixi.jsを使ってWebアプリで基本的なGUIが ...
  • Tesseract C++ API in Pure Javascript tesseract.js-core Core part of tesseract.js, which compiles original tesseract from C to JavaScript WebAssembly. Environme...
  • It is sometimes used in conjunction with a WebGL specific extension called glUtils.js. [57] [59] There are also some 2D libraries built on top of WebGL like Cocos2d -x or Pixi.js , which were implemented this way for performance reasons, in a move that parallels what happened with the Starling Framework over Stage3D in the Flash world.
  • Update 2018/10/29: The vote showed that there is a demand for extra F# Advent slots, so I am going to follow suggestion from Reed Copsey and add new slots in portions. We will start from slot for [Dec 18 – Dec 24] week, and when they are filled I will add slots for [Dec 11 – Dec 17], then for [Dec 2 – Dec 10] and finally [Dec 25-Dec 31].

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    Get Your Copy Today! _____ Links RNR 126: Native Web Apps with Florian Rival RRU 058: React.js and WebAssembly to Rewrite Native Apps with Florian Rival LinkedIn Florian Rival PixiJS Picks Florian Rival: GDevelop Charles Max Wood: Gmelius

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    [00:11:49.22] I think it was an interesting thing that happened a couple of years ago with WebAssembly coming to the fore… And one of the pivotal examples to show the strength of that platform was the idea of porting a game that was built in Unity into WebAssembly without having to write additional code…

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    Current research: Rust & WebAssembly / XState Skills: Frontend 1. React / Redux 2. Pixi.js 3. RxJS 4. XState & XState/Test 5. Electron 6. Adobe / Flash / Flex / AIR / Starling 7. Box2D Streaming 1. Adobe FMS / RTMP 2. jsmpeg 3. ffmpeg Language 1. JavaScript ES5/ES6 2. ActionScript 3. Java CI/CD 1. docker 2. drone CI 3. gitlab runner iOS Developer

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    А если вы хотите написать игру — возьмите JS, HTML5, одну из готовых библиотек (скажем, EaselJS или PixiJS) и создайте свою браузерную бродилку, «три в ряд» или во что там сейчас все играют.

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    WebAssembly. Introducing Acrobat on the Web, Powered by WebAssembly — pdf-редактор на WebAssembly. A Weekend with Blazor: Running C# in the Browser — выполняем C# в браузере вместе с WebAssembly. Послушать. Веб-стандарты: 215.

    I think almost every relevant JS Lib has typescript definition files today. It would be huge if you would not need to write any externs for all those JS libs anymore, because you can just generate them automatically. You could even automate that and just take all from Definitely typed.

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    over 4 years CudaTensor:topk might overflow and get -1.2762655537074e+38 over 4 years torch.chunk fails to split correctly over 4 years Indexing a tensor with non-integer number causes silent rounding torch.CudaTensor This new tensor type behaves exactly like a torch.FloatTensor , but has a couple of extra functions of note: t:getDevice() - Given a CudaTensor t , you can call :getDevice on it ...

    Mar 05, 2018 · In this update, we are excited to reveal a full-blown graphic engine for Screeps based on WebGL and PixiJS. It will allow you to: Leverage your machine's GPU even in the browser to significantly boost performance without any lags when scrolling. Save your laptop's battery juice since GPU is much more energy-efficient for this task than CPU.

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    Q: But I don't know JS... A: Isn't this a great opportunity to learn then? Also, see the above note on WebAssembly. Q: People who know JS have a HUGE!!1 advantage. A: Please note that we won't be looking at the source code of the game, but at the game itself (the gameplay, the overall feel, the aesthetics).

Pixi.js. 如果你打算在浏览器中实现精彩的2D效果,特别是对于使用WebGL的游戏开发者,Pixi.js是个值得一看的库,可以参考这里获取更多的Demo。 Preact与inferno. 非常优秀的React的替代库。 Rust. Rust可以编译到JavaScript啦(通过emscripten)。 Custom Elements
A client library for the IPFS HTTP API, implemented in JavaScript. This client library implements the interface-ipfs-core enabling applications to change between an embedded js-ipfs node and any remote IPFS node without having to change the code. In addition, this client library implements a set of utility functions. Alan Shaw.
WebAssembly. dom - DOM library. go-canvas - Library to use HTML5 Canvas, with all drawing within go code. tinygo - Go compiler for small places. Microcontrollers, WebAssembly, and command-line tools. Based on LLVM. vert - Interop between Go and JS values. wasmbrowsertest - Run Go WASM tests in your browser.
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